Cubes - SMART Portfolios

Investors & SMART Banks

For Investors

  • Ainstein guards your money and watches over your Portfolio - with abundant Trust.
  • Cubes show you risk like never before.

for Banks

  • We invite Banks to join the SMART Banks™ Consortia.
  • SMART Banks offer Ainstein so you can view your Portfolio in the Cube.

Available via SMART Banks™

  • While Portfolios are ubiquitous across Finance, with every Bank and Brokerage firm offering Portfolios and every customer having one or more – AI has not yet been widely applied to Portfolios, if at all.
  • With Ainstein, Portfolios are no longer generic. Portfolios become Smarter and investing becomes Simpler.
  • Ainstein’s visualization and gamification of the Portfolio holdings – presented in interactive Cubes – zero in on risk to create new clarity and understanding.
  • For the 1st time, people can literally “see” their next best action, while avoiding mistakes.
  • With Ainstein, investors are empowered and protected, and easily able to steer away from risky choices, irrespective of their own expertise.